Version: v0.7.0 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.


Net.httpRequest($method, $url, $data='', $headers={}) -> string|map


Send an HTTP request and get the response.

$method is the HTTP method. (e.g. 'GET', 'POST')

$url must be a URL TypeString.

$data can be a string containing the raw request body, or a Map, which will be converted to a URL-encoded string.

$headers is an optional map of HTTP request headers.

If the response body is JSON, it will be returned as a Map. Otherwise, it will be returned as a string.

// Basic call
$content = Net.httpRequest('GET', url'')

// With headers
$headers = {
    'Cookie': 'sessionId=1234'
$data = { myVar: 123 }
$content = Net.httpRequest(