Version: v0.7.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.


A Result object lets you return the status of a function (e.g. success/fail) in addition to its return value.


Let’s say you have a function that makes a Net call to a weather API that gets the current outside temperature.

If the weather server is down, you can’t just return 0, because that would indicate 0 degrees.

By returning a Result object, you make it easier for the caller to get the temperature when everything is okay, and handle the error if there is a problem.

Example Usage 

$result = runProcess()

// Get the result.  Fatal error if it fails.
$data = $result.get()

// Get the result, or the default if it fails.
$data = $result.get('my default')

// Or check explicitly for failure
if $result.getFailCode() {
    // do something else

fn runProcess {

    // (do something that could succeed or fail)

    if $isOk {
        return Result.ok($correctData)
    else {
        // Fail result with a custom failCode