Version: v0.7.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.

URL Router

Automatic Page URLs 

The easiest way to add a web page is to create a .tht file in the code/pages directory.

The file name is always lowerCamelCase.

Each page will automatically get a dash-case URL.

For example:

File URL
code/pages/hello.tht /hello
code/pages/helloWorld.tht /hello-world
code/pages/misc/myOtherPage.tht /misc/my-other-page

Home Route

By default, the root URL routes to pages/home.tht.

File URL

Custom Routes 

You can define dynamic routes in config/app.jcon.

Each URL pattern points to a file in the pages directory.

Dynamic parameters can be added via curly braces, e.g. {myParam}.

For example:

routes: {
    /user/{userName}:            user.tht
    /blog/{articleId}/{slug}:    blog.tht
    /forum/post/{postId}:        posts/viewPost.tht
    /forum/post/{postId}/edit:   posts/editPost.tht

The parameter must take up an entire sub-path between slashes. For example:

// ✕ BAD

// ✓ OK

Route Params

You can access the value of a route param with Input.route.

// Route:
// /blog/{articleId}/{slug}

// URL:
// /blog/1234/my-favorite-things

Input.route('articleId', 'i')
//= 1234

//= 'My Favorite Things'

Redirect Routes 

You can set up a redirect from one URL to the other.

routes: {
    /some-url:  /another/url

Default Route 

If a route does not exist, THT will look for a default.tht file in your pages directory.

You can use this to implement a custom 404 page, or your own fallback routing logic.

Otherwise, THT will return a “404 Not Found” error.

// pages/default.tht

fn main {

    // URL: /blog/post-123

    $parts = Request.getUrl().pathParts()
    //= ['blog', 'post-123']

    if $parts[1] == 'blog' {

Valid Routes 

There are the only the characters allowed in a URL:


THT will automatically respond with a 404 error page if any other character is present in the URL.

NOTE: Trailing slashes (directory paths) are NOT allowed.

✕  Bad ✓  OK
/forum/posts/ /forum/posts
/article/123/My-Favorite-Recipe /article/123/my-favorite-recipe

HTTP Methods 

To handle different HTTP methods, see Page Modes.

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