Version: v0.7.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.

Create a New App


We assume you have installed THT.

Step 1: Create the Starter App 

Run tht new myApp.  (Change “myApp” to whatever you like.)

$ tht new myApp

Here’s what you’ll see before you confirm (example):

     NEW APP

- App name: myApp

> Create new THT app in current directory? (y/N)? y

Starter App Files 

You will now have a myApp directory with these sub-directories:

Directory Description
code Your app source code (.tht files)
config Configuration files (.jcon files)
data Logs, database files, cache files, etc.
public Static files. Images, CSS, JS, etc. (i.e. the Document Root)

These directories contain a basic starter app that you can build on.

Step 2: Run the App 

Time to try it out!

Go to your app folder.

$ cd myApp

Run this command to start the local test server:

$ tht server

Here’s what you’ll see:


- App: myApp
- URL: http://localhost:3333

> Press [Ctrl-C] to stop.

Load the App!

Now load this URL in your web browser: http://localhost:3333

Here’s what you should see:

App Ready

This app is ready for development.