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Email Configuration


THT uses SMTP to send email through a third-party email sending service.

You will need to register with a third-party mail sender in order to ensure that your messages are delivered reliably.


  1. Sign up for a mail sending service
  2. Verify your sender address
  3. Update your THT email config
  4. Set your password

Step 1: Sign Up for an Email Sender 

Many mail sender services have free tiers that allow you to send a few hundred emails per month at no charge.

Recommended services:


Some services have two ways to access their API: REST and SMTP.

We recommend SMTP, as it will be easier to set up and use. However, if you need to call their REST API directly, you can use the Net module.

Step 2: Verify Your Sender Address 

Most services require you to verify the email address you will be sending from.

This usually requires clicking on a verification link in an email they send to your sender address.

Step 3. Update THT Config 

Update your email config in config/app.local.jcon.


email: {
    port: 587
    user: apikey
    password: abc123...

Next Steps 

You may now send emails using the built-in Email module.


    from:     '',
    fromName: 'Yoursite Admin',
    to:       '',
    subject:  'Welcome!',
    body: html'''
        Thanks for joining!

        Here is a <a href="...">helpful link.</a>

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